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Imagine Idaho's waters in pristine condition, with all the fish species in the waters which they belong and in proportionate populations. Advanced Biology's group, Fish Genetics, is helping to make this dream a reality. The group was started in early 2010 when the project was brought to the attention of Clint Kennedy's Advanced Biology class.

Bull trout are an endangered, native Idahoan fish. The introduction of brook trout, a very similar but invasive, non-native fish, to the same waters the bull trout inhabit has threatened the future of bull trout. The genetic similarities between bull and brook trout are allowing them to breed with one another and produce hybrids. Fish Genetics is seeking to understand and identify the genetics of the hybrids, as well as purebreds of both trout. Easy identification and genetic understanding of the fish will help to fix the environmental problem caused by the introduction of brook trout.

Jessica Hunter, a junior, leads the group. There are two other full time members, both juniors, Logan Crevelt and Crosby Crevelt, who switched into fish genetics this year. There is also our new member Rob Pair who is in tenth grade. This year are main goal is to learn the principles behind the techniques we use with our DNA samples.

Fish Genetics' DNA samples are currently provided by the Fish and Game. Matt Campbell of the Fish and Game has provided us with DNA samples and mentorship. Having his knowledge, as well as the supplies he has so graciously given us, is definitely an asset to the project. However, we are hoping to eventually have some independence by the means of collecting our own DNA samples. We also want to thank Kim Apperson with the McCall Fish and Game for providing us with additional samples.

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The Group: Crosby Crevelt, Jessica Hunter, Logan Crevelt.