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The Group

The Dungeon group for Advanced Biology is the group who creates and maintains the Advanced Biology web pages. The Dungeon group is one of the hardest groups to join because of the difficulty to learn HTML and CSS (the language and coding of making web pages). You also need to know how to operate any photo or image that needs to be fixed or altered.

This year is as busy as last year with the changing of leaders in the groups. There is still a lot of work to do. I (Leslie Spencer) am trying to fix the broken links on our Advanced Biology web page from previous years, this requires me to search through all of the links on the site. This will take some serious time. Then I am simultaneously working on making all the individual pages for each project. The Dungeon is run by Leslie Spencer, a junior; here at the school we call this position Dungeon Master. I was in this group last year and hope to continue learning and improving this years page. I hope this year to add more graphics to the site.

I am learning more and more about how to create websites each day. The more time I will spend making the web pages the faster I will start to get them done. Once I fix and get everything running, it will be very easy to maintain all of the current pages for future years.

Leslie Spencer, Josie Hubble, Nina Leis, Maelyn Leis, (click here to see more group pictures)