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Crown Point

Crown Point Trail is a project in which we are trying to maintain and reduce erosion at Crown Point Trail. Crown Point trail is a popular trail among the local, and among the many visitors that come to Cascade.

So far we have refinished the trailhead sign. We have pulled all of the benches in order to plain them, re-stain them, and store them for the winter. We have also built a new information kiosk which we put in at the head of the trail so that visitors can see what's going on.

We are not just focused on the Crown Point Trail. We also work as a construction crew for the advanced Biology class at Cascade High school. We have built a bench and re-constructed a picnic table to go to Fischer Pond.

Micah Wagner, Ryan Landers, Coleman Claiborn, Tanner O'Brein, and Juan Arias (not pictured). (click here to see more group pictures)