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The purpose of Trout in the Classroom is to raise awareness about Idaho's aquatic resources by providing a hands-on learning opportunity for Idaho youth. Trout in the Classroom encourages students to actively participate in the learning process. By observing and caring for the trout, students will gain an understanding and appreciation of trout life cycle and habitat requirements. Here at Cascade our Trout in the Classroom group focuses on the 7th grade class in the school. The children in the 5th grade get to create science and art projects, journaling, measuring, math skills, and language arts. TIC crosses all scholastic disciplines and results in stronger understanding of math, science and social studies. Our TIC group this year consists of four people, Brandon Gerke, Zack Redmon, Dustin Evers, Cody Astle. In addition to them the TIC group also has Mr. Newberry to help out. Mr. Newberry has devoted many many hours to Cascade Schools and to the Trout in the Classroom group, we really appreciate all of his hard work and help.

The Group

Brandon Gerke, Zack Redmon, Dustin Evers, Cody Astle. (click here to see more group pictures)