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The Dungeon group for Advanced Biology is the group who creates and maintains the Advanced Biology web pages. The Dungeon group is one of the hardest groups to join because of the difficulty to learn HTML and CSS (the language of making webpages).

This year hasn't been as busy as last year but there is still a lot of work to do. If you read our page from last year you would know that our web server crashed about two to three years ago. I (Jacob Schimpf) finally finished fixing all of the broken links on our Advanced Biology web page during the first semester. Now that the home page is totally fixed, I am now working on making all the individual pages for each project. A scrolling navigation bar, calendar, contact page, and a "This Year's Classes" page are some additions made to the Advanced Biology. The Dungeon is run by Jacob Schimpf, a senior, and Leslie Spencer, a sophomore. Leslie just entered the class this year so she is still learning the HTML and CSS code. So far she had made the calendar for the Advanced Biology site. Josh Rosen, a sophomore, was part of the Dungeon but dropped out at semester.

We are both learning more and more about how to create websites each day. The more time we spend making the webpages the faster we start to get them done. Once we get everything up and running, it will be very easy to maintain all of the current pages.

The Group

Jacob Schimpf and Leslie Spencer (click here to see more group pictures)