Today the Fischer Pond Project is a collaborative project between the Idaho Fish and Game, the City of Cascade, and Cascade High School's Advanced Biology Class.

The Advanced Biology class has just built a water conduit to a new fish-viewing aquarium adjacent to Fischer Pond, with water from the aquarium returning to the Pond by a meandering stream. These proposed improvements to Fischer Pond will have a positive effect on water quality, reducing algal mats and nutrient build-up while increasing healthy trout habitat. The project will result in a higher rate of trout survival, fewer unsightly algal mats and a better quality fishing experience for the public.

This year's Fischer Pond group is run by three seniors and one junior. Stephanie Taylor, Kim Pomeroy, and Samantha Deane are the seniors of the group and are responsible for teaching the juniors what to do next year. Jay Shepard is the junior helping out with the project this year.