Advanced Biology Cascade Schools Back

In our trout in the classroom project we are on a hands on learning and a lecture learning basis. The way that we run our project is that, once every two or so weeks we bring in the whole fifth grade in (from Cascade School District) over to our High school section to our Advanced Biology classroom (We are all one tight nit school here). When the kids arrive we move the desks in the classroom back and we have all of the kids sit on the floor in front of a white board, so we are able to use this tool if necessary. We also have a projector and a projector screen so we are able to use graphs and pictures that we gather and place on our teacherís computer. We teach the fifth graders basics of fish. We teach them the life cycle and the 6 stages. We teach them about habitat and the four parts of habitat. We teach the kids about the history of the fish and how the Native Americans used the fish in their way of life. We also taught the kids about the anatomy of the fish in which we carried out a dissection with the kids.
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