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Today the Fischer Pond Project is a collaborative project between the Idaho Fish and Game, the City of Cascade, and Cascade High School’s Advanced Biology Class. Our latest efforts have been focused on what is referred to as A Pipeline to Fischer Pond, which in short is our plan to improve the water quality of the pond. This pipeline will bring clean, oxygenated water to Fischer Pond, which is a small recreational fishing site found on the south end of Cascade, Idaho. With the clean and oxygenated water we hope to ensure the trout survival in all seasons. The Advanced Biology class is currently working to pump water into the pond through a new pipeline, which will feed into two separate streams, which will then tumble the water inflow down a short series of constructed rapids to increase oxygen saturation. An outlet to the nearby North Fork of the Payette River will control the Pond’s depth (the pond French drains with the river) and increase circulation of the incoming water. The Advanced Biology class is additionally working to build a water conduit to a new fish-viewing aquarium adjacent to Fischer Pond, with water from the aquarium returning to the Pond by a meandering stream. The proposed improvements to Fischer Pond will have a positive effect on water quality, reducing algal mats and nutrient build-up while increasing healthy trout habitat. The project will result in a higher rate of trout survival, fewer unsightly algal mats and a better quality fishing experience for the public.
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